The OSM Group possesses experience, work methodology and fundamental instruments to assist companies to become more competitive.  They are solutions that provide clientes to overcome challenges and look for opportunities that guarantee conditions of growing and profitability.

The work of OSM in the business segment covers a constant and permanente contact with the client to assess in querries such as

- Evaluation, orientation and elaboration of the corporate actions, as the entrance or the removal of partners or shareholders:

- Fiscal impact, corporate and Family members over the alienation of shares or social actions.

- Corporate reorganizations ( mergers, takeovers and spin-offs)

- Dissolutions, sales off and wealth examination of partners, shareholders or inheritors

- Evaluation, orientation and holdings creation for the segmented examination of business or companies:

- Family company analysis and related aspects with a succession, being that in life of the co-founder or in the case of after deceasing or its fiscal impacts and corporate.

Corporate reorganization

Acquisitions, takeovers, mergers and spin-offs

Financial Strategies

Cost management

Business budget